Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Most of the online marketers use social media channels to communicate and socialize for online visibility. The world of internet has changed the entire advertising and marketing platform. Information can be shared within a few seconds on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, YouTube and Pinterest.

A process of marketing the products and services through optimizing the main goals and communicating through social media networks. Promoting products and services in any online business is performed through extensive processing of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing procedures. Social Media Optimization is the most relevant method used to enhance business and brand image of the company.

Swio is one of the Best Social Media Optimization Services Company in Hyderabad, providing vibrant digital branding across different verticals via social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram and Quora.

Research and Strategy

Social Media Optimization is dependent on the thorough research and analysis on market trends and tastes and preferences of the users. Research about the user behaviour, competitor online presence, present trend etc can result in framing a best plan for the brand building of the organisation on social media.

Profile Setup

Social media profiles need an initial optimization basing the strategy framed, it is similar to a website or a landing page setup. As the profile or the page is the face of the organization on the widely used online platform.

Daily Updates

Once the best Social Media strategy is finalized, we come up with creatives, videos, infographics and creative content to create an impact among the targeted audience. We focus on the engagements rather than the reach on the content published. As engagement increases the scope of our profile or page being suggested to others on Social media.


As mentioned above Engagement in Social Media is the main aim of Swio’s Social Media Optimization team. With our Social Media marketing strategy, we shall make sure that we share our content in various other relevant communities or groups present on Social Media channels.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing has been emerging as one of the best ways to reach the target audience, where Swio’s Marketing team has been vigorously working on increase the network with Influencers among all the communities. And we extend our services to Influencers marketing with the requirement of the Client’s.

Social Media Bookmarking

As mentioned in the SEO activities page, social media bookmarking has been emerged to be the crucial activity for reaching more people through content marketing. Social media optimization is properly organised only with the inclusion of the Social Media Bookmarking.


Interactive activities such as polls, contests, challenges are the most engaging content published through a social media channels. Swio’s creative team prioritizes interactive activities while drafting the Social Media strategy for an organization.


Promoting a brand or sale with a fast and cost effective approach, can be achieved through Social Media Paid campaigns.

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Profile Management

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Frequently Asked Questions

SMO also called as Social Media Optimization, is a process of optimising the social media channels and pages. Social Media Optimisation or SMO increases the visibility aspect of your company’s page or profile on the social media. SMO plays a crucial role while promoting our website/ product or services online.

SEO when associated with SMO activities brings up an added advantage for your website. SMO enhances the presence of our brand and services on Social Media platforms. Consistent and regular activities performed on social media can highlight our brand and product on Social Media.

SEO strategy gives a primary importance to SMO, as Social Media Optimisation is more creative and visual oriented promotion. Hence, we can attain more profile and website views from the Social Media Channels. The count of visitors on our Website shall impact on the Ranking of SEO.

Publishing any picture or video or content on social Media is very regular practice these days. Few majorly used social media platforms are: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google photos and Snapchat.

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