Basic Guide For Online Presence of Startup Businesses

Here we have listed down the basic guide for an online presence that every start-up company and any SME can remember while preparing marketing.

Do you know a company without a website? Maybe, but there are so many companies out there that don’t have a website and are completely offline. View offline business ideas

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Most of the companies are a small or old school that treats their company as a business that already has a lot of clients so never feel to upgrade. Weird right?

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Well in this Digital age if a company doesn’t have a website it’s a disadvantage. Many small companies think of websites and their development as an expenditure of no use but it’s like an intangible asset. 

Having a digital footprint is very essential as everyone searches on Google for any information. A basic static website is okay to get ranked on Search Engine Results Page. 

So here are a few things which we think every small or new company needs to do for online presence.

Basic Guide For Online Presence of Startup Businesses:

Static or Dynamic Website

If you have a minimum budget then a static website is for you. A static website consists of 5-10 web pages which are enough for any kind of business except e-commerce. All e-commerce websites are Dynamic with 1000s of webpages and information.

Content on Website

Website content is very important and ultimately useful to rank on the Search Engine Results Page. Content brings the traffic and it has to be constantly updated. 

Google My Business

List your company in Google My Business with basic details of your company such as the company’s address, website, working hours, contact details, etc all will be included. Whenever the company’s name is searched on google, google my business displays the local SEO list on the top of the search engine results page so it’s a big advantage.

Social Media Platforms

Social Media is the easiest way to connect. Everyone is online than ever before and a higher percentage by the increase in the use of smartphones. People spend maximum time on social media these days so only investing in a website may not give a higher rate of brand awareness compared to social media which is free to register. 

The increase of mobile users has been rapidly increasing so the website should also be compatible with the mobile version of the website which is Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) update is all about.

These are just basic 4 things everyone should follow for a good online presence. Comment down below for any queries, we will get back to you soon. 

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