Biggest Digital Marketing Trends To Follow In 2020

Digital Marketing Trends 2020 To Follow

Let’s discuss Digital Marketing Trends that every Digital Marketer to follow in order to sustain an effective online presence. Read till the end of the blog.
Listing top on SERP, developing the website, creating business pages on social media, running ads isn’t just enough to be in the game. Now it’s become more personal, more interactive, more fun, and easier for the customers to search or find anything. 


One thing all the Digital Marketers need to keep in mind is trends change and we need to be updated from time to time.

Social Media Influencers

It is 2020 everyone is online with at least one social media account. Do you know anyone without a social media account? I Doubt. We daily see many celebrities’ posts about themselves or promoting a product on their pages but that’s common. Now we have many Social Media Influencers and I bet you know them. The most famous Bhuvan bam (Do I need to give an intro to him?), Kusha Kapila, Kenny Sebastian, many more YouTubers, fashion bloggers, food bloggers, etc. These influencers have a huge amount of social media followers and are approached by companies for promotions.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is pretty much everywhere these days. The big giant’s Google and Amazon constantly try to understand us on a human level by monitoring every search, purchase, likes, and dislikes. We always see a recommended section based on our search history. The voice searches have also increased because of Voice Assistants like Google’s Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa. Google Home and Amazon Echo products are completely based on AI and more personalized with human language.

Marketplace & Shop-able Post

Facebook has introduced a whole new section as “Marketplace” in which now you can shop or sell anything from a simple chain to renting a flat. Similarly, Instagram (FROM FACEBOOK) has shop-able posts that are directed to the e-commerce website of the brand. Shopping is now much easier, simpler and quicker.

Video Content

There is no lack of video content on the internet. Tik-Tok is the most popular video-based social media platform currently. Virtual Reality, 360° videos are a new form of interactive video content. Live Video is now on all major platforms and is highly watched. All the international pop artists aren’t just uploading their singles now but they are premiering it as live video. Whether it’s a new product launch by any company or NASA ISRO rocket launches all are premiered live on YouTube for sure!

Interactive Content

2020 isn’t a time when the internet only gives information. It’s much more interactive and engaging with the content. Everyone has to be the best in creating content with unique ideas, simple yet relatable, bring out the nostalgia, engaging quizzes, and the list will go on to entertain and connect to the customers. Content on social media such as ‘memes’ is very influential yet fun. Am I wrong? I guess not.

So here’s our take on the top digital marketing trends in 2020. Try it out and let us know if we missed anything. 🙂

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