Monetize your Business App – Few App Monetization Methods

Monetize your Business App - Few App Monetization Methods

Easy App Monetization Methods: Now that you have developed your own mobile app for your business that helps to generate your customer’s data, have you ever thought of earning from your app? That’s what is called Mobile App Monetization.

That’s true! Your app is not a tool anymore but it can earn you money, seriously it can be an alternate earning source for your business. Wonderful, right?

Here Are Few of The Easy App Monetization Methods:

Previously it was named DoubleClick for Publishers, which is another way to monetize your business app. Google Ad Manager gives access to thousands and millions of Advertisers from Google Ads, DSPs and trading desks. As this is a competitive platform, they are willing to shell out more for Ads placements. You can share different Ads in all formats. It comes with malware and anti-fraud tools.


If you have not thought of implementing Ads in your mobile apps, you are losing a great opportunity. Digital Ads in mobile apps is the need of the hour through which communication between Advertisers and customers increases dramatically.

So how to monetize this? It’s very simple, make your app free and include in-app advertising. There are 5 different types of ads you can include.

  • Interstitial/Full-Screen Ads – you can see them like when moving between menus and they will not distract your mobile app experience. They can generate more clicks without causing frustration.
  • Notification Ads – you can see such ads in the mobile device’s status bar. But people may not like them out there and could damage your mobile app’s reputation.
  • Capture Form – these are like user opt-ins to offer incentives for mobile users asking their email addresses. You can find such forms in mobile games.
  • Advanced Overlay – You find them as interstitial ads but they are interactive, a mix of capture form and full screen ads.
  • Banner Ads – You can see them either at the top or bottom of the screen and can be distracting compared to other forms. So think before incorporating them in your business’s app.
  • Video Ads – Nowadays, videos are the great place to place your Ads. When so many users browse videos online, how can we miss this opportunity? A shorter length Video Ads can be played in the mobile apps.

Hence, based on your business or brand, the advertisers can pay you a considerable amount of money to host their Ads in your business app. Know More About Ads

Upgrade to Remove Ads

Most app users don’t prefer to see ads in their apps, and some of them are happy to remove them. Hence many app developers create two versions of their mobile app:

  1. Free with ads enabled.
  2. Upgraded paid version with no ads. 

With this, you can generate revenue directly from sales/ downloads, compared to Ads.

Sponsors and Partnerships

This is another good way to monetize your mobile app. If you can find a similar partner (in your business line), they can add something new to your users. The advantage is if your partner includes ads featuring your app, there is a great chance that users might click that Ad and redirect to your mobile app. In other terms, this process is called Click-Through-Rate (CTR).

Hence, when you think about the idea of hosting and sharing ads, think about tie-ups or partnerships to increase your brand outreach.

In-app Purchases

As you know, most of the app downloads are free. But still, you can make money through apps by way of charging your customers, using In-app purchases, wherein users are allowed to interact with your apps directly. In other ways, it’s called “Freemium Apps”, where users pay an upfront amount for some app features you provide. Hence you need to think about offering too many features free of cost.  

Here, your users will pay you an upfront fee to download your apps. You can earn more when you charge more for your users based on the apps usage and features.

The advantage is that here when users pay for your app, they become your loyal customers and keep using the app frequently as they paid upfront. Moreover, they are free of Ads.

But the disadvantage is the competition from free apps. User’s expectations will be higher, and hence closely monitoring, managing and quality maintenance, performance, and security to be maintained all times.

Multiple payment options for subscription

When you decide to regularly update your app content, think of incorporating multiple payment options for your users who regularly purchase your apps for the new content. Giving more options will give them a chance to purchase easily. Also can try to include a subscription package combining either a few or all services together as a premium package.

Affiliate Programs

Big enterprises like Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc have affiliate programs for mobile apps developers. Commissions here are very high but offer a wide range of apps available to promote through your mobile apps for a good commission. You can also try for good businesses that have affiliate programs, something like, they have paid memberships with excellent affiliate programs to earn recurring commissions.

I hope, now you might feel the great importance of mobile apps for the business and how awesome to monetize them. Using your mobile apps, your brand can get farther reach, you never imagined. Hence if you want to earn through your app, the above mentioned easy app monetization methods can surely be helpful to you.

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