Easy Graphic Designing Tools for Digital Marketing Professionals

Easy Graphic Designing Tools for Digital Marketing Professionals

In this blog, we have listed down some easy graphic designing tools for digital marketing professionals. These are simple to use and highly useful for all the tasks.

Digital Marketing is a vast subject. Being a digital marketing professional will include a lot of tasks from ad campaigns to social media, from content writing to search engine optimization. 

Every task includes, or is dependent, on images or videos, especially, social media. Whether a logo for website development, ad campaign banners, image submissions in SEO, blog banners for the content all include graphic designing.

Digital Marketers working in a company or an agency need not worry about the images or videos as there will be a graphic designer for it. But, if you are a digital marketing professional or freelancer, then you have to work on it on your own.

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It is essential to know at least the basics of graphic designing as all the companies or agencies may or may not have a graphic designer also. Also, It would be easier for a graphic designer to know your perspective or idea if you can make a rough copy of the required poster. 

Graphic Designing Tools for Digital Marketing Professionals

Canva – Best Tool

Canva is the most simple and best tool for designing images. You can use it for social media, business, marketing etc. It’s a package for all and has a premium plan also but the free version is enough for simple designs. Canva also has a design school where you can brush up your designing skills. One of the best features of Canva is it has different dimensions already set for all kinds of uses. 


Pixlr is one of the popular free tools for designing for over the years. It has two different editors – Pixlr X and Pixlr E. Both are free to use, and this tool has different image formats like PSD, PXD, JPEG, PNG, WebP, SVG etc. It’s a perfect replacement for Photoshop as it includes AI tools.


PicsArt is also one of the most popular websites for designing and sharing the edits. It offers video editing with tutorials and blogs for references to learn. The best feature of PicsArt is removing background and objects with ease. The PicsArt community is great to also connect with many editors. 


Vectr is a great tool to design not just vectors but all kinds of posters. Vectors are highly useful for social media posts and Instagram highlights. It’s simple to learn and use. One of the best features in this tool is we can scale up any design without losing clarity. Vectr is available as a chrome extension also. 

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark by Adobe is simple and easy to use. It isn’t like Photoshop, which is hard to understand. Spark has a subscription plan with two months of a free trial and a free starter pack. There is an inspiration gallery to find ideas. You can create animated videos with this tool. 

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These tools are a great help for all the digital marketing professionals as it doesn’t consume a lot of time and gives professional results. Most of them have apps on play/app store, which makes it easy to edit on any device. 

So, try these tools and let us know if they were helpful or not in the comments below. 

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