Effective Logo Creation Tips For Company’s Branding

Effective Logo Creation Tips

Here are a few tips and steps you need to know to create an effective logo for the company’s branding.

We are surrounded by goods, products, items all the time. Some are necessities, some are luxuries, some are branded and some are local company’s products.

‘Branded’ this term we use in our day to day life and everyone knows if a company is famous or popular with quality products then we call it as a brand. So whenever we think of let’s say McDonald’s what comes in your mind first? The big golden M sign which is McDonald’s logo. We are so used to it that the logo registers in our mind.

So, the creation of a logo can be tough but the creativity will be high. Every company needs a unique, creatively designed logo for it. Here are a few tips for it.

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Effective Logo Creation Tips: Brand hai toh Jahan hai.

Understanding of the Company:

The logo is going to be the face of the company. So before creating the logo, one needs to understand the company, its products, services, the vision and motto. Every company has a unique element in them and which can make them stand out could be services like no other or any product. This gives us a few parameters to work on the idea in the creation of the logo.

Logo can be any designed symbol or just the company name in text format. It’s very important what kind of logo the company should have. It could be a mix of art and word also. There are a lot of possibilities and creative ways so choosing the type will narrow down the list of ideas.

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Simple, Clean and Memorable:

The logo should be pretty simple to understand which will make it memorable for each person. A complicated logo can be a mess with a lot of details which is hard to remember and it won’t get registered in the general people’s mind. So making it simple and clean in a symmetrical way.

Effective Logo Creation Tips

Fonts and Colors:

If you are going for a text logo then the font should be correct. Don’t go with the general fonts and complicated fonts which nobody can understand. It should be readable and neat. Similar to the colours also, choosing the right colour is very important as it needs to be appealing and pleasant. Colour is also important as the logo will be digital and for printing also. The background of the logo, colour switch, black and white logo also need to be created for multiple purposes.

Check out these recommendations of fonts by Neil Patel.


The logo should be timeless as it’s going to be for years. Always keep in mind that logo can’t be changed from time to time and many companies rarely change it. Coca-Cola is the biggest example of a timeless logo. If we ever image a product the first thing comes up is the logo so the impact of a logo is huge in people’s mind.

Versatile and Scalable:

A logo is going to be used for multiple purposes – Digitally and Printing. Digitally as in banners, posters, social media, profile icon, ads etc. Printing on merchandise, newspapers, magazines, hoardings etc. The sizes will be different for every purpose the logo size has to be enlarged and minimized. So, the logo has to be scalable for it and versatile to change colour, background or border sometimes.

Brand Promise:

The logo should have meaning relating to the brand and its promise to the customers. There are a lot of hidden meanings in the company logos which are very simple yet have a strong message in it making it interesting.

Research on the competitors of the brand:

Do some research on the competitors of the company as in what type of logo they are using, what colour it is, the meaning, the design of the logo. This helps us to not resemble anyone out in the market and making the logo unique.

So, these are a few tips for creating a logo for the company’s branding. If you want professionals to create your company logo then contact us for a creative logo and also for branding.

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