How to Start Affiliate Marketing to Earn Money?

How to Start Affiliate Marketing to Earn Money?

In this blog, we will help you with how to start affiliate marketing, and you can earn money by just following our guidelines. It’s a simple way to earn money with minimum requirements.

In this pandemic situation, we have learned a lot, and we saw various changes around us. One thing common in the world apart from the virus is people are laid off due to the economic and financial crisis.

Many people lost their jobs and now in a dilemma, if they are going to get any job in near future. It’s a tough time, and now all have to realise that only one source of income isn’t going to be enough.

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We have to look out for multiple sources as our lives are dependent on it. There is nothing like a secure job these days as we never know what’s in the future.

Today we are sharing a way to earn money via Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a process where you promote products of e-commerce websites and earn rewards when your website visitors convert to their customers by purchasing the product.

For every purchase, you will earn a commission from e-commerce, and different kinds of products will have a different percentage of the commission.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing?

There are many ways to start affiliate marketing, depending on if it’s for an individual or a company. An individual can start via a personal website. Companies like Gadgets Now review the products and also provide multiple e-commerce website links of a product as they will be partnered as affiliates with all of them. There are also other websites which offer coupon codes, price comparison services, and product review.

One more aspect of Affiliate Marketing in Influencer Marketing, which is very similar and this method is followed on Social Media. YouTubers and High Followers Instagramers are often seen promoting, explaining and reviewing the products.

Right now, we are discussing only starting affiliate marketing via a personal website. In India, Amazon and Flipkart are two biggest e-commerce websites with thousands of products. Both of them offer an Affiliate Program where there are certain conditions to join.

Requirements to Join Affiliate Program –

  1. Fully Functional Website or Mobile Application
  2. E-Mail ID
  3. Phone Number
  4. Identity Proof
  5. Bank Account Details

It’s very important to have a fully functional website as it will be reviewed by Amazon or Flipkart before accepting your application. E-Mail, phone, identity proof are general requirements and bank account details for the payment of a commission.

So, when you become an affiliate with the e-commerce website you can choose which product you want to promote and ask to generate the product link which is specifically made for you to post it on your website.

When a visitor clicks on that link it will be redirected to the e-commerce site which will have your subscription ID in the URL and if the visitor purchases the product you will earn a certain amount of percentage based on the product price.

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The amount earned will not be transferred to your account until you reach $100 which is a minimum requirement. The money will be converted to Indian currency and transferred once you cross the $100 mark.

Amazon and Flipkart have a certain list of product categories with states different percentages of the commissions with a maximum percentage of 12 as an advertising fee. Check out the percentage list of Advertising Fees of Amazon and Flipkart.

This was all about starting affiliate marketing to earn money. This is the most simple source to earn money just by sitting at home and spending half an hour per day or just an hour on weekends. Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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