Native App Vs Hybrid App – Meaning and Difference Explained

Native App Vs Hybrid App - Meaning and Difference Explained

Let’s discuss the complex differences between Native App Vs Hybrid App from the users perspective. Meaning that every newcomer shall learn.

We live in a world where everyone is busy with their smartphones. Once, we used to call mobile devices like cell phones but now all are ‘SMART phones’ where the internet is the top priority in usage.

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The use of mobile devices and the number of people being online has been increasing. According to BroadBand Search, there are about 4.5 billion people on the internet and the use of mobile traffic has increased by 222% for 7 years.

TRIVIA_ Do you know WhatsApp is still the most downloaded app of 2020 with close to 5 billion downloads. It was initially a Native App which was later converted to ERLANG code.

We all used many apps on our phones but do we know what goes into the making and developing an app? There are generally 2 types of apps – Native App and Hybrid App.

Native App vs Hybrid App

Native App

Native App is the kind of app where it can be developed for a particular platform or device. It is based on the supporting device’s operating system and the code will be written in Swift for Apple’s IOS or in Java for Google’s Android. Native App takes a lot of time to build as different versions have to be created for different platforms.

Hybrid App

Hybrid App is one app that can run on different platforms. Hybrid App core code is written using multiple programming languages such as HTML5, CSS, Java to cover different platforms. It is developed in a way that it’s compatible with all operating systems. Hybrid App takes less time to develop as its process depends on multiple platforms functioning.

Native App is expensive and companies with a big budget for app development will prefer it whereas Hybrid App is less expensive and budget-friendly so small and medium companies can opt for it. 

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Native App provides better User Interface as it’s built for the specific platform and Hybrid App needs to be constantly updating for removing bugs, various compatibility issues or updates in Operating Systems.

Well, if you notice different user interfaces in different phones then list the App names in the comment section below. We’ll reply for sure.

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