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Lead Generation:

Marketing involves research, analysis and many other steps. Lead generation is the outcome of marketing. It is the process of attracting prospects and converting them into customers interested in a company’s products and services.

Creating awareness using networking platforms and websites is one of the best ways of ensuring quality leads.

At Swio, we ensure quality lead generation with a structured action plan that includes:

1. Creation of Pages:

The first and most important step is to establish a digital face of a business. This is accomplished by creating a website and various social media handles which depends on the target audience. The aim is to create awareness that the business exists.

Link- https://www.facebook.com/hyderbadrealestates

2. Logo Designing:

To attract the audience’s interest, creativity is important. Logos play an important role in this aspect and help define the company’s identity to differentiate it from the rest. Simple, minimalistic logos do a wonderful job of stimulating curiosity among the masses!

3. Campaign Strategizing:

Once the company’s identity is established online, showcasing its presence is important. For this, running campaigns prove to be an absolute strategy that plays an important role. Strategizing for the campaign involves deciding the budget, designing forms, selecting the target location and audience and various other parameters.

4. Graphical Representation 

Visuals are important. Designing ad banners for campaigning is essential as it  The attention span for visuals is more than texts so Ad banners simplify the process of identifying potential leads.

5. Lead Generation:

The next step is to generate leads. This is done by creating AD campaigns on networking sites, tracking the insights and creating a list of leads.

6. Coordination with the Sales Team:

As and when leads register, the marketing team updates the lead count and works in sync with the sales team to convert them to prospective clients. Daily communication and follow-ups are important steps of this process.

7. Quality Assurance:

Lead quality is a factor that allows you to identify how likely the prospects are to become paying customers. The higher the quality of the leads, the more likely they become the customers. Checking the lead quality allows the filtering of leads which eases the conversion process and allows the Sales Team to form an action plan accordingly.

8. Optimisation of the Campaign:

To improve the performance of the campaigns, optimization is important. One of the most important elements to consider in optimizing campaigns and ads is the cost per conversion of each keyword. In trying to maximize conversions within the confines of the budget, this will be the best option as it can help inform many decisions.

Most marketing strategists create campaigns and generate leads but do not assure their quality. Our value-added service is ensuring our client’s satisfaction through quality lead generation and regular optimization. After all, the customer is God!

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